If you are familiar with Waldorf kindergarten, with its beauty, richness, and joy, you will find a home in Betty Jones’s beautiful book, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury.

If you are not familiar with Waldorf kindergarten, Betty’s book will be a wonderful introduction, and will enrich your life and the lives of children in your care. Through crafts, recipes, stories, and songs, Betty travels the year as a flowing celebration of the Seasons and Festivals.

If I was starting out as a kindergarten teacher or as a mother I would use Betty’s book as an inspirational guide. Betty’s paintings are jewels and illuminate her book with color and image both sweet and precious. A real treasure.

— Theresa Roach Melia, 25-year veteran, Waldorf Kindergarten

I bought the first edition of this title when it was first published and it has been my favorite resource for seasonal verses, games and activities that are appropriate for young children.

This book is based on Waldorf Educational principles, yet is a great addition to the bookshelf of anyone with young children who is interested in a “simply parenting” type of home life for the little ones. You can use this book to create a rhythmical home life with morning, evening, baking and other songs and poems.

My children remember these by heart. We also had the accompanying harp notes to play on the children’s harp, which were invaluable to learning the tunes to the songs. Thank you, Betty, for re-publishing. It was such a pleasure to have you as a guest this past week for our second Saturday at the Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. Congratulations on your second edition. This will be a gift to the generations of the future.

— Heather Kyle, Book Buyer for Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, California

I first met Betty Jones in 1994 only hours before my second daughter was born.

This was an amazing moment for me personally as well as for our community with new beginnings unfolding. Betty had come from California to join our dedicated and hard working parent community on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

We had just completed the kindergarten building for our new Rudolf Steiner Initiative, and Betty’s expertise as a founding Steiner early childhood teacher was of great value to us. Her wealth of anthroposophical knowledge, her warmth, her love and understanding of young children, and her vast life and teaching experience brought our new kindergarten to life. Fossil Bay kindergarten has flourished since and expanded into three groups for young children.

As a parent and an early childhood teacher I felt inspired by Betty’s artistically presented book “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury” and have used it with my own and my kindergarten children. Over the years I have recommended the book to many parents and colleagues, who also enjoy the wonderfully presented resource book. I am looking forward to the new edition of “The Treasury”, and thank Betty from the bottom of my heart for our inspirational exchanges and our wonderful friendship.

— Ingrid Wendel, Kindergarten Teacher at Michael Park School, Auckland, New Zealand

It is my pleasure to recommend Betty Jones’ wonderful book, a delightful resource for parents and children alike.

I have known Betty for 34 years, ever since she was the founding teacher of my son Michael’s pre-kindergarten class at Summerfield Waldorf School in Sebastopol, California. (Betty gave Michael a good start: he is now a college professor!)

During my years as Creative Director at HearthSong, A Catalog for Families, I was involved as one of the editors of the original edition of “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury”. I’m so pleased that this book will now be available once again for a new generation of parents and children.

— Lynn Ostling

Pioneering an alternative school, in this case, a Waldorf School, back in the ’70s required help from as many people as possible.

As a founding teacher, I appreciated Betty Jones’ contribution in those early days of the Haleakala Waldorf School on Maui. Today her treasure trove of songs, verses, recipes, and crafts is available for a new generation of children.

Betty engages the magic in childhood and brings it all to your home in her wonderful collection, “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury.” An awe-inspiring gift for any family and all early childhood educators.

— Mary Christopher, Co-founder Haleakala Waldorf School, Maui, Hawaii

Betty Jones came to the fledgling Waldorf School of the Monterey Peninsula in 1986 as the founding kindergarten teacher.

Her years of experience working with young children was a blessed gift to the idealistic, energetic families who had formed to birth a Waldorf school in Monterey County, California. Her depth of knowledge of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner, her playful, loving and artistic nature were an essential foundation stone for our school.

I am eternally grateful for Betty’s gifts, friendship and the imprint she made on not only my own children’s development, but that of so many children whose lives she has touched over the years during her tenure as an educator. Waldorf education is now offered to the children of Monterey County through the public domain as the Monterey Bay Charter School.

— Janie Rommel-Eichorn, MA, Founding Parent and Board President Waldorf School of the Monterey Peninsula 1986–88, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist