I first met Betty Jones in 1994 only hours before my second daughter was born.

This was an amazing moment for me personally as well as for our community with new beginnings unfolding. Betty had come from California to join our dedicated and hard working parent community on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

We had just completed the kindergarten building for our new Rudolf Steiner Initiative, and Betty’s expertise as a founding Steiner early childhood teacher was of great value to us. Her wealth of anthroposophical knowledge, her warmth, her love and understanding of young children, and her vast life and teaching experience brought our new kindergarten to life. Fossil Bay kindergarten has flourished since and expanded into three groups for young children.

As a parent and an early childhood teacher I felt inspired by Betty’s artistically presented book “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury” and have used it with my own and my kindergarten children. Over the years I have recommended the book to many parents and colleagues, who also enjoy the wonderfully presented resource book. I am looking forward to the new edition of “The Treasury”, and thank Betty from the bottom of my heart for our inspirational exchanges and our wonderful friendship.

— Ingrid Wendel, Kindergarten Teacher at Michael Park School, Auckland, New Zealand