A Child's Seasonal Treasury is on of the most beautiful books ever written on behalf of children and the world.

It has been sadly out of print for almost 10 years, but is now reborn by the author, filled with even more songs and poems and, most especially, the author's radiant watercolor paintings.

In a world where children are hurried along by adults who also feel themselves pushed to rush through life, A Child's Seasonal Treasury arrives as a balm of soothing quiet and joy, of delight and anticipation for everything nature and love can bring us.  Children and the adults who love them can once again discover simple songs, stories, crafts, and recipes that lead the way from season to season, at a pace that lets love and nature speak.

Children love what this book brings them.  You'll love it, too.  It is a joy to be able to offer it once again.

Recommended without reservation!

— Nancy Parsons, Bob & Nancy’s