Betty Jones has aptly titled the revised book she has reprinted A Child’s Seasonal Treasury.

It is indeed a very rich treasury for children to experience the seasons of the year.

There are glittering gems and jewels in word and song. There are imaginative sparkling diamonds of children’s activities in painting, handwork, movement, creative play, even baking and cooking. Ms. Jones has included numerous recipes that can involve the children’s helping hands. In this and many other ways the book is a practical resource that can inspire teacher and parent alike. It is replete with poems and verses, many by the Betty Jones herself. Her illustrations demonstrate a wondrous sensitivity to Nature, drawing the viewer deeply into the realm of the imagination. In her own words, she invites audience “to breathe in the wonder….”

Who could ask for anything more?

— Keith McCrary, Director of Adult Waldorf Education (AWE) on Maui