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A Child’s Seasonal Treasury was conceived as a Waldorf-inspired resource book for parents and teachers of young children. Throughout the seasons, songs, verses, poems, riddles, fingerplays, games, creative drama and movement, watercolor painting, handcrafts, healthy recipes and gratitude for life that rekindles a sense of wonder are keynotes of this Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book (Nov. 1997, Vol 28, Number 8) 

Having been chosen as the first book in the Hearthsong Family Library (1996), Waldorf Education has grown tremendously and with the surge of home schools, charter schools, pre-schools and daycare centers, quality curriculum that is child-centred to help counteract the influences of TV and technology on the very young is imperative.

This newly published edition has been up-dated with more writing and all illustrations by the author, a conversion chart for the recipes to "translate" world-wide, and the promise that at home or at school, this book will bring joy into the process of learning, both for children and for the adults who are involved with them on a daily basis. 


During the 15 years since this book was published, children are being drawn ever further from the embracing wisdom of Mother Nature. They are compelled away from peeking under leaves for surprises, and from gazing up at the wonders of the changing sky. This book invites both child and adult to breathe with wonder as they journey together through the seasons.

For a child to feel at home in the world and to experience the oneness of the universe, there is no better way than through nature and the arts. We as adults know that the foundation years of childhood are dependent upon our own ability to bring to life the magic of the earth. Here in this book, through poetry, song, stories, and recipes, is an invitation to participate thoroughly in the seasonal dance.

Contained in this one lovely volume is a very generous supply of original and traditional material for parents and teachers, providing practical ways to engage children while enhancing family or classroom culture. Each page holds age-appropriate joy.

For example, Betty Jones weaves together language and gesture with the mood of each season. She inspires the discovery of color through artistic exercises, color conversations and vignettes that speak lovingly to the young child. The well-chosen rhymes welcome children into healthy movement and activity at a time when other forces are calling to them. Whenever you are longing for artistic guidance and inspiration with young children, reach for this compendium of treasures. As early childhood educators we are thrilled and grateful that it is returning to print, and is to be widely available again.

Forward by Betty Peck, Anna Rainville and Nancy Mellon

Main Chapters

All Year Round

  • All Year Round Verses & Poems
  • All Year Round Movement & Creative Drama
  • All Year Round Fingerplays & Riddles
  • All Year Round Games
  • All Year Round Art & Handwork
  • All Year Round Watercolor Painting
  • All Year Round Handwork
  • All Year Round Cooking and Baking


  • Autumn Verses and Poems
  • Autumn Movement and Creative Drama
  • Autumn Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Autumn Games
  • Autumn Art and Handwork
  • Autumn Cooking and Baking


  • Winter Verses and Poems
  • Winter Movement and Creative Drama
  • Winter Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Winter Games
  • Winter Art and Handwork
  • Winter Cooking and Baking


  • Spring Verses and Poems
  • Spring Movement and Creative Drama
  • Spring Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Spring Games
  • Spring Art and Handwork
  • Spring Cooking and Baking
  • Summer Verses & Poems
  • Summer Movement & Creative Drama
  • Summer Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Summer Games
  • Summer Art and Handwork
  • Summer Cooking and Baking