Recommended Reading

  • Kindergarten Education; Freeing Children’s Creative Potential, Betty Peck (Hawthorn Press, 2003)
  • A Kindergarten Teacher Looks at the Word God: Reflections on Goodness, Oneness and Diversity, Betty Peck (Rudolf Steiner College Press, 2008)
  • Singing Games for Families, Schools and Communities, Anna Rainville (Rudolf Steiner College Press, 2006)
  • Storytelling with Children, Nancy Mellon (Hawthorn Press, 2000)
  • Storytelling and the Art of Imagination, Nancy Mellon (republished from Element Books by Yellow Moon Press, 1992)
  • You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, What parents can do with and for their children from birth to age six, Rahima Baldwin Dancy (Celestial Arts, 2000)
  • Childhood: A Study of the Growing Soul, Caroline von Heyderbrand (Steiner Books, 1995) Children at Play, Heidi Britz-Crecelius (Park Street Press, 1996)
  • Understanding Young Children, Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner (reprinted by the Waldorf Kindergarten Assoc. of North America/WECAN, 1994)
  • Waldorf Schools: Volume I, Kindergarten and Early Grades, Ruth Pusch (5th printing available from Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College, 2005)

Waldorf-Inspired Home Schooling Resources

Creative Play, Craft Supplies and Magazines

Waldorf School Associations and Anthroposophy

  • Publications by Wynstones Press, especially their Kindergarten Series, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spindrift and Gateways, compiled and written by Margret Meyerkort, (Wynstones Press 1983 and 1999) Wynstones Press also is the distributor for a beautiful selection of Advent Calendars and watercolor cards.
  • Publications by Floris Books, lovely activities for hands and heart! (
    A few favorites:
    • Crafts Through the Year, Thomas and Petra Berger
    • Spring, (Summer, Autumn, Winter) Nature Activities for Children, Irmgard Kutsch and Brigitte Walden
    • The Nature Corner, M. van Leeuwen and J Moeskops
  • Publications by Hawthorn Press, inspiring selection for early childhood and beyond (
  • Book Store at Rudolf Steiner College Teacher-training College with a wide variety of books for Teachers, Parents and Children,
  • Waldorf Publications (formerly AWSNA) have a large selection of books relating to Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner,
  • Bob and Nancy’s Bookshop, great site for books and a wide network of Waldorf-related sources,
  • Steiner Books/Anthroposophical Press is a major source for a wide spectrum of educational and spiritual books in publication,
  • Waldorf Today, a wealth of world-wide education contacts, information, and books for all ages,
  • Waldorf School Associations and Anthroposophy
  • Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) list of member Waldorf Kindergartens,
  • Waldorf School Association of Ontario, Canada,
  • Anthroposophical Society of America,
  • International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE),
  • Freunde Waldorf,
  • Lists of Waldorf Schools in the USA and information about Rudolf Steiner education,
  • Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE),