A Child’s Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones, Marriage Family Therapist, provides a wide range of engaging hands-on activities, with a deep reverence for nature and an emphasis on learning through play.

Ms. Jones’ curated and original finger-plays, interactive songs, activities and recipes provide accessible curriculum content for each of the seasons.

As quoted in the December 11, 2012 edition of ExchangeEveryDay Connecting Children to Nature: “One of the great gifts we can give children through their frequent interactions with nature is a sense that they are connected to something larger than themselves”...and “just as early bonding establishes the foundation of trust between parent and child, the earlier a child develops a “bond” with the natural world, the more likely that child will feel trust and comfort in nature versus fear and dread.”

A Child’s Seasonal Treasury supports early educators in fostering and nurturing children’s connections to themselves, others and nature.

— Carol Simmons, RN, Coordinator Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County, Sonoma County Office of Education